Apple’s WWDC 2014: What You Need To Know

Apple did their WWDC 2014 keynote today, that is their conference where they employ to present their software and hardware news. This year in particular there was no revolution waiting to happen, but lots of building up on their existing platforms and goodwill. There is a new iOS version, the eight one, for iPhone y iPad, but people were mostly excited about the possibility of an iWatch. Sadly, those news never came.

Apple WWDC 2014

Apple spent the first portion of their keynote talking about their current and past success, with numbers to back it up. They talked about the massive attach rate for their latest OS, Mavericks, in comparison to Microsoft’s Windows 8, while confirming that the new entry in the series will be called Yosemite. This is following the latest Apple tradition, of calling their OS’s after Californian locations instead of great felines. Yosemite will come out after summer, and it will be free. Also, they confirmed we will be getting a new iteration of the Safari browser, faster and more compatible than ever.

Apple announced a new service called iCloud Drive, meant to become a direct competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive. This new service will work on Windows too, and offers 5 GB for free. We’re thinking maybe a future announcement will confirm a bigger capacity if users are willing to pay.

Apple WWDC 2014 iphone

Apple have gotten ambitious, and they’re talking of better interaction between their gadgets and computers, so users can begin work in one and continue in the other, or even pick up phone calls from the new iMacs by syncing them with an iPhone.

All in all, Apple did what was expected of them, and being that we’re so used to them causing a revolution all the time, this leaves us thinking that it wasn’t all that good of a conference. They keep building on lifestyle, and improving, but this is not a revolution like some of us were led to believe.

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