Vintage Arcade Cabinet Marquee Wall Lights From Arcade Lights

Make one of these arcade marquees an attraction on your wall.

Original Street Fighter II Arcade Marquee Wall Light

The light of an arcade cabinet marquee casting down on a dark room is magical. A cave of wonders from my younger days during the golden age of arcades. Sadly, times passage has not been kind to one of my former favorite stomping grounds – extinct is more like it – but at least a passionate bunch are still keeping the flames of its memory alive.

Arcade Lights is a Washington, D.C. based supplier of arcade cabinet marquees that can be hanged on a wall, fully functional in their glowly splendor and feature the likes of arcade classics Street Fighter II, Pac-Man, and a personal favorite, Asteroids. The marquees here, and the ones not shown over at Arcade Light’s Etsy page, are all original prints, too.

Vintage Pac-Man Arcade Marquee Wall Light

Vintage Asteroids Arcade Marquee Wall Light

Bonus points for the authenticity, sure, but that also means once something goes, it’s probably gone for good. I only say that because these individual wall light marquees look absolutely great, and would make for an awesome decoration to any room. A gaming room, for sure. And if you’d like to know how ones of these bad boys can be yours, head on over to Arcade Lights.

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