The Cutest Vanellope Von Schwetz Ever: More Like Sugar Crush

Not every great CGI movie from Disney comes from Pixar: there’s Wreck-it Ralph to prove our point, and fans that love it as much as we do, like the cosplayer Enji Night from Bulgaria.

Vanellope Cosplay 1

As explained above, this lady over her goes by the name of Enji Night, and she’s one of our favorite cosplayers around. We spoke about her before when we came across her fantastic Super Maria Bros cosplay, but this time around, the piece is only marginally related to gaming, as she decided to take on the cute princess Vanellope Von Schwertz from the movie Wreck-it Ralph.

Vanellope Cosplay 2

There’s just something about the cute way she portrays Sarah Silverman’s character that just works and makes it perfect, but we’d love to hear what our readers think about it. There’s an open comments section below, so go at it!

Vanellope Cosplay 3

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