Cool Arcade Game Button Magnets

If your fingers tremble at the mere mention of the words “street” or “fighter”, then you just might have some interest in these cool new magnets by Meninos. These arcade button magnets are perfect for any fan of video games, arcade games, but more specifically fighting games. Whether you prefer Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, or whatever else, you should certainly see something here you like. If you’re a hardcore type who enjoys beating the snot out of people in the console versions of the games, you likely even own an arcade-style controller for your PS3 or Xbox 360.

Arcade Button Magnets

Arcade Button Magnets 2

This set of 8 magnets includes a play button along with two sure to bring back arcade memories: the one and two-player buttons. Since these ones were certainly not limited just to fighting games, they’re ones that any fan of arcade games should be familiar with. Along those same lines, there is also a magnet of a standard, cherry-red joystick, the kind that has probably left a permanent indent on your palm.

Lastly, we come to the glorious action buttons. Whether you wish to “Kick”, “Punch”, or “Block”, these magnets have your options covered. Even though you know they’re magnets, you’ll probably be tempted to push them anyway. The last of the set isn’t quite accurate, but still a bonus for Street Fighter fans, the “Hadouken” button. You’ve surely played against someone who picked Ken or Ryu and, if that button existed, would do little but mash it to their heart’s content. Or, perhaps, you -are- that person. Regardless, these magnets would look great adorning your fridge, locker, work area, or just about anywhere else. Of course, since these are magnets, you should keep them away from your computer and consoles. You can have these beauties for $11 or you can check out other geeky magnets like these Cross Stitch Tetris Magnets or the Magnetic Rubik’s Cube.