A Poster Montage of your Facebook Friends

Social Networking has become the most common, and most popular, activity that internet users across all ages indulge in. It is impossible to find someone who does not have an account on Facebook or other social networking sites. The whole world, in a sense, seems to have come a little bit closer with people being able to keep in touch with friends and make new ones with the help of their social networking accounts.

On social networking sites, users often update their status, play games, and share photos and videos with one another. A recent trend on these sites that has caught the fancy of users is to make a poster collage of their friends. The collage comprises of profile pics of friends put together on a virtual rectangular frame. If you have made a virtual collage of your Facebook friends and would love to have a real life poster of the collage, Social Artworks can get it done for you.

Social Artworks is a digital design company that brings to life the social networking experience. Their flagship enterprise is designing and creating poster montages of Facebook friends. With the poster montage, your Facebook friends would always be ‘hanging’ around with you.

A USP of Social Artworks’ poster montage is that it allows a high level of personalization. The user gets to choose how many friends are on the poster, the size of the poster, and whether they would want the montage in poster paper or canvas. Posters are available in sizes ranging from medium to large.

A medium poster can have 150 to 250 friends, while a huge poster can have 500+ friends on it. Once these selections are made, the design team proceeds to neatly arrange the photos of friends in a grid like manner. The end result is a dazzling collage that allows you to show off just how popular you are.

Each poster montage is created by Social Artworks using the best materials. For print posters, only the top quality printing paper is used; for canvas prints, the best stretch frame canvas is used to create your masterpiece. The design team then uses the right amount of color, contrast, and brightness to make the profile pics of your friends on the poster look nothing less than stunning.

The Facebook friends poster montage from Social Artworks can be used as a memento as well as a cool wall hanging. If you wish to know more about the poster montages, check out Socialartworks.com.

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Via: Social Artworks