Archos introduce new, dual-sim jailbroken smartphones

French comapny Archos are introducing two new smartphones around the world, dubbed Archos 40c Titanium and 50b Neon, both dual-sim and jailbroken.

Archos 1

Both sets, which will be only sold only jailbroken, and not through regular operators, come to replace the previous generation of Archos phones in every country where they were being sold. Now, with a greater investment and higher aim, the French company is trying to become a new option in the face of the biggest brands, with better prices for a higher than average hardware.

Frederic Balay explained in a press conference that they were “pioneers when it came to introducing Android into Europe, and now we plan to expand to other markets such as South America. We know entering any market is hard, but we believe the general population is interested in technology and has genuine passion”.

The Archos 40c Titanium, their low-mid range set, sports a Mediatek Dual-Core 1.3Hz Cortex A7 processor, with 512MB Ram, and 4 GB external storage, which can expand up to 64 via MicroSD cards. Also, it sports a 4 inch screen (800×480), and a 1450mah battery along with a 5mpx rear camera and 0.3 front camera. It’s biggest draw is that it can play almost any kind of video files that are relevant at all: AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MPG, PS, TS, MKV, FLV.

Archos 2

Meanwhile, the 50b Neon, their strongest set has a similar processor with 1GB Ram, 8 gigas of internal storage (expansible to 64GB), a 5 inch screen (800×480), 5mpx rear camera, and a 2mpx front camera, capable of recording in full HD, all powered with a 2000mah battery. Also, the Neon will have interchangeable faceplates along with a few free games courtesy of the Gameloft team.

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