Archos: a set of VR glasses that costs less than $30 USD

It would seem Facebook with Oculus and Sony with Morpheus are the big players in the VR space, but along comes Archos with the lowest entry price yet.


Virtual reality is not here quite yet, although its arrival seems imminent. Facebook, Samsung and Sony seem to be leading the race thanks to their very solid upcoming efforts although all of them are very early prototypes, models, or projects. As things stand now, save for a couple honorable exceptions, virtual reality seems to be more set in the near future than the present, yet that doesn’t mean people aren’t working to get it to the masses. That is exactly what Archos is attempting to do, by releasing their own headset priced at $29.99, the cheapest set yet.

The Archos is meant to be paired with a smartphone, ideally a 5? model capable of displaying 1080p and sporting a quad-core processor into the headset (so, basically, a Nexus 5?). The phone and Archos headset are then strapped to the user’s head who will now be ready to enjoy the joys of the virtual world. It would seem the multimedia contents are not here just yet, but the fact that companies are willing to bring virtual reality to the masses sets us off for a fantastic start.

Via Technabob

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