Arkeg Drink n’ Game Brings Together Arcade Games and Beer

If playing arcade games and drinking beer are two of your favorite activities, Arkeg Drink n’ Game is ideal for you, as it combines the two vices into one ergonomic cabinet.

Arkeg Drink n’ Game does not require any skills to set up. In fact, it comes fully assembled, with both the gaming and the draft systems working out of the box. Users are able to play the preloaded games on a 24″ HD display, and I guess that other games besides the default ones can be loaded, too.

A 5 lb aluminum CO2 tank, which is needed for the draft system, can be found in the lower side of the cabinet. Keeping the beer at the right temperature should not be difficult at all, as Arkeg comes with digital temperature control. The brushed aluminum control panel is very stylish, and goes well with the overall design of the Arkeg. Not at last, the arcade cabinet comes with a built-in 2.1 surround and subwoofer system that will make the games very enjoyable.

It is even possible to expand and customize Arkeg Drink n’ Game. Some of the possible add-ons include 6″ or 10″ drip trays, gamepads, draft system cleaning kits, European KEG couplers and standard barstools. As far as customization goes, people can opt for a backlit marquee, a control panel with more joysticks and spinners that comes in the color of choice, and side art decals. Apparently, the manufacturer of the Arkeg is open to suggestions, so if people can think of additional ways of expanding an already awesome product, they should speak their mind.

Arkeg is not a cabinet for everyone. When I say that I mean that “steep” would be a mild word to describe the price of this thing. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3,999 certainly does not make the Arkeg accessible for the wide masses. However, I can see owners of bars, casinos and other such places investing in a device like this. After all, intoxicated people are known to spend money with a greater ease, so recovering the investment should not take long.

People are also offered the option to rent the Arkeg cabinet. In this case, they will have to pay $150 per 24 hours. To make sure that the Arkeg is theirs for a specific date, they are allowed to pay $50 up-front.

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