Giant Cardboard Game Boy Color By MaboroshiTira

Boy-oh-boy, what a flippin’ huge Game Boy Color built by a Delaware art major.

cardboard game boy color by MaboroshiTira image 1

Cardboard is a magnificent material for the creative: five-year-olds build medieval castles or galaxy-adventuring rocket ships to play out their childhood fantasies, and for the truly artistic, spectacular displays that go beyond what’s imaginable. In light of the latter, allow me to cast my vote for this giant cardboard Game Boy Color.

The artist behind this monster-sized Nintendo portable is MaboroshiTira, a talented deviantART-ist with a range of creative skills and an art major at the University of Delaware. She did the hard work of designing, assembling, and hopefully painting it purple like the Game Boy Color I never got as a kid (it’s cool though, Santa Clause brought me the limited edition Pikachu GBC) of this towering papercraft all on herself, which is many times bigger than its real-life counterpart.

cardboard game boy color by MaboroshiTira image 2

There’s no accurate measurement of how large this cardboard GBC is, but judging by our gifted artist standing toe-to-toe with her piece in the images provided, it certainly outsizes her… heck, it might outsize me. Although, I’m only 5’6”. Naturally most things in life already outsize me.

Beyond size though, MaboroshiTira’s giant cardboard GBC also features some awesome detailing. All the buttons, volume slider, and ON/OFF switch move as they should – well, as best as they should on a handheld made out of recycled paper that is – and there’s even a cute Game Boy game cartridge that can be asserted into its corresponding cardboard buddy.

cardboard game boy color by MaboroshiTira image 3

All that’s really missing is having master gadgeteer Ben Heck working his magic and turn this large puppy into an actual playable Game Boy Color. Now, that would be something special! But hey, this works, too. Just be sure to show your love to MaboroshiTira by giving her deviantART page much deserved attention. Heck, throw a few bucks to young striving artist while you’re at it!

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