11 Needlepoints Inspired by Pop Culture

Needlework always seemed to me like one of the more useless talents on the planet. Then again, when someone can create a cool needlepoint of Darth Vader or the Cookie Monster, who am I to call it useless?

Harry Potter

A little too many redheads for me in this one.

Star Wars

If the Dark Side wasn’t appealing enough as it is, cookies seal the deal for those who are still on the fence.

Sesame Street

Someone like the cookie monster, who mostly says “Me want cookie!”, “Me eat cookie!”, and “Om nom nom nom” would probably be seduced by the dark side in a second.

The Dark Knight

Imagine having to look at this grin for the rest of your life, thinking “I wanna know how he got these scars.”


E.T. thinking about phoning home.

Back to the Future

The irresistible George McFly using his charm and wit.

Breaking Bad

If this was Al Bundy, they’d have the sentence “kill the wife” making this one a little bit more perfect.

Saw Franchise


Taken from the Jeopardy skits, this is Sean Connery’s message to the mustached talk show host.

The Breakfast Club

Someone here looks like the angel of death wearing a short robe.

Bob’s Burgers