BodyGuard: Armored Crime-Fighting Glove

Police have a variety of ways to enforce the law.  Everything from stun-guns and pistols to hand-to-hand combat is at their disposal.  Thanks to the invention of BodyGuard, officers will have all that and more sitting right on their arm. What’s better than enforcing the law is preventing violent situations that could possibly arise, and this is what the armor sleeve does best.

The BodyGuard, invented and designed by David Brown, is a fitted sleeve with an impressive array of devices.  These devices include a high-voltage stunner, a video camera, a laser pointer, and a flashlight.  Armed, literally, with all these features, I doubt any ruffian is going to want to mess around with you especially if you’re pointing a few hundred thousands volts of electricity at them.  David, the inventor, you might think would be someone that would need such a device and so he built one.

Well, that’s not the case.  David is a cameraman, editor and producer that specializes in filming musicians.  These musicians include bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Snoop Dogg, and on the side of that he does some footage for actor Kevin Costner who is a friend of Davids and an investor.

Since David’s not exactly a crime fighter, then some might wonder what spurred the idea of the sleeve.  Him and some friends discussed a mountain lion attack that happened and how a typical person would drop any handheld weapon they might have such as a knife or gun.  So the idea was created for making something that you could use by instinct almost without having to think twice about.

The sleeve weighs in at just over three pounds and has a pull pin that enables the stunner with a button in the palm that activates the stunner.  There are also other buttons that will activate the camera and other options previously mentioned.  The invention is still in prototype stages and so there is still ongoing development.  However, soon the BodyGuard will bring a whole new meaning to being armed.

The BodyGuard isn’t the only cool development out there though.  Take a look at the wind powered watch and the diy lazer guns.

Via: Popsci