Futuristic and Powerful DIY Laser Guns

Laser guns are much more than just guns with lasers attached for improved accuracy.  You see, as their name implies, laser guns shoot lasers.  Some DIY laser guns can penetrate thin metal with their infrared rays of awesomeness, while others only have the ability to pop balloons.  What’s almost as exciting as learning that you can make futuristic and functional laser guns is that I’ve compiled a list of the best for you to marvel over.  Thus, I have saved you hours of randomly surfing the internet, a task I entrusted to myself instead.

Dead Space 2 DIY Plasma Laser Cutter

DIY dead space 2 laser gun

Dead Space 2 is an amazing game, period.  Just look at their advertising tactic – show their target audience that parents hate Dead Space 2.  In my opinion, there’s no better way to ensure that people buy your game.  I don’t know about other Dead Space 2 players, but I’m tired of being confined to the game.  That’s why I was pumped when I found the Dead Space 2 DIY plasma gun, which can pop balloons and light matches.

To make this gun, you need two laser diodes, probably from a Blu-ray player, and a replica Dead Space 2 gun.  Open up the case, replace two of the LEDs with laser diodes, and boom!  Dead Space 2 awesomeness.  This DIY weapon was created by KipKay, and he has a video that shows you how to create the DIY Dead Space 2 laser gun.

DIY Star Trek Phaser Gun

real laser-powered star trek phaser

Trekkies are my type of people, so I am attempting to please them by presenting them with this gift – the DIY Star Trek phaser gun.  This awesome laser gun was made from a plastic Star Trek phaser, a 12x magnified blu-ray burner diode, and Energizer Lithium primaries.  The DIY laser phaser is not as powerful as some modded ray guns, but can still pop balloons and light flash paper.  The designer included an optional safety switch to ensure that children don’t blind themseleves or others, which is probably a smart idea.

The DIY Star Trek phaser gun can shoot for 3 hours on full batteries, so a single set of Lithiums will last you qutie a long time.

Portal Gun DIY

light gun form Portal 2

awesome portal DIY

Unfortunately, the DIY portal gun does not shoot lasers or portals. This cool light gun does light up in dual colors, blue and orange, and is full size – 22 inches long and 15 pounds.  Emily S. Kieth’s fiancee, Harrison Krix, created this awesome portal gun from wood filler, mat foam, paint, and chicken wire.  That’s a pretty impressive feat, if you ask me.  If your fiancee ever makes you a portal gun replica, you know that he’s a dedicated man.  (The only thing that would have made it cooler, and made it more in line with the rest of the post, is if it shot lasers.)

DIY Pulse Laser Gun

powerful DIY gun

The DIY pulse laser gun is by far the most impressive on this list.  Patrick Priebe spends around 70 hours on each of these laser guns, which fire coherent infrared rays.  The DIY pulse gun has the power to blast through thin pieces of metal and plastic, which is extremely impressive.  The device is made from plexi, brass, and aluminum and weighs a mere 2 pounds.  That’s a lot of power packed into a small package.

The pulse laser gun, powered by four Lithium ion cells, fires an entire MEGA Watt with each shot.  Do not buy or build this DIY if you have children, because something bad will happen.  The pulse laser gun looks like a toy, but it blows holes in stuff and can shoot fifty times from a single battery charge.  In fact, just don’t get anything except the portal gun if you have kids.  They might break that precious replica, but at least they won’t seriously injure themselves.

Jack Kieffer is a teenage gadget geek and the founder of Cool Gizmo Toys, a site dedicated to providing fun tech and toy reviews. He loves reading about unique gizmos, playing the piano, volunteering with kids who have special needs, and blogging for the Chicago Tribune.