This Watch Will Take Your Breath Away, Literally

Eole is an example of a gadget which is quite difficult to comprehend with a human mind at first. Why wearing a blowing-powered watch: ecology? lung’s exercise? energy saving?

Yanko Design has never let me down on the subject of sometimes awesome and ingenious, sometimes ridiculous and useless concepts of gadgets. The newest project they present is Eole, which perhaps is the smallest wind turbine in the world.

This so-called interactive watch was designed by Julien Moise from France. The gadget uses a small wind turbine to power the blue screen displaying just the hour or date. Imagine the situation: you want to see the time, but it’s no use without blowing on your wrist, where the watch is supposed to sit. Weird? Not at all, nowadays watches are more like jewelery and you can always see the time on the cell phone after all… I guess, Eole’s main purpose is to amaze and look cool, it’s hard to believe anyone would really blow into it.

Still, to me it’s much easier to blow into the watch and see the normal time, than using one of those geeky binary watches which can be found on Tokyoflash Japan. The imagination at once suggested to me that there might be a creepy combination of a binary watch and blowing-powered watch, that would have been a total disaster and perhaps a perfect way to emphysema…

See the Julien Moise’s video presenting the watch, it looks really stylish especially close up:

The blowing-powered watch is not the only one in Julien’s portfolio. He designed a cool Citroen watch and a Cartier watch too, they both look pretty impressive. Though Eole is unique for sure, I actually cannot recall of any similar watch innovation. Hopefully, there will be a commercial release.

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Via: Yanko Design