Aromatic Postcards Tantalise Olfactory Senses

There could be nothing more disastrous for a food enthusiast than smelling the inviting aroma of a delectable cuisine while someone else gets to devour on it.

With Sony’s new innovation it has been made possible for such people to avenge upon all those gluttonous enemies who  masquerade as friends in a bittersweet fashion.  This concept device uses a printer, a camera and a smell extractor to infuse the aroma of a repast into a post card so that you can send it to your friends who are ardent admirers of good food and vaunt about the sumptuous meal you had while they get to sniff the smell of it.

Li Jingxuan, a student at the Fashion and Art Design Institute of Donghua University came up with this concept device during the Sony Design Competition. Just to be clear, seeking revenge was not her motive to come up with this creation, she designed it with a hope of connecting travelers to their near and dear ones while they are on the go trying different cuisines. As we all know, technology has always been exploited for settling our personal scores, this can be very well used for bragging about all your culinary encounters in front of the pretentious gourmands.

This device marks the use of highly advanced technology which enables it to identify and aroma of food and then formulate a similar essence from a reservoir of aroma inks stored in it. This idea is not quite new but the application of this idea to infuse the essence of any meal on a post card is very new. This device is portable and comes handy especially when you are going to food festivals. You could also take a look at some of the pranks that we have featured earlier like the Pacman Prank and the Calculator Prank.