Brooklyn Bridge Monster Long Lost Relative of the Montauk Monster?

Not for the faint of heart – new unidentified animal found under the Brooklyn Bridge posits the question of if it is related to 2008’s Montauk Monster. 

Not just any news story makes it from the United States to the United Kingdom. Often, it has to do with politics or important (but not always so good) events. But a new unidentified creature found recently under the Brooklyn Bridge not only made it in the pages of the Village Voice and popular news channel Fox News, but also the Telegraph over across the pond.

During the final days of July, news started spreading throughout New York City regarding the discovery of an unidentified animal located under the Brooklyn Bridge. The first thought of many – does it bear any relation to the Montauk Monster, found in 2008 along the shores of the southern Long Island town.

The Montauk Monster, named by Loren Coleman, the director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, located in Portland, Maine, was found on the beach. According to a statement provided via email by Coleman to the Huffington Post, “Ever since 2008, when I investigated the media madness over the stranded, decomposing unknown ‘thing; found on the beach at Montauk, unfortunately, every dead animal body, every carcass, has taken on fantastic creature importance.”

However, there are some skeptics out there who do not give into the monster hype. Paul Curtis, a naturalist professor at Cornell University has stated that the unidentified animal located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge may be nothing more than a “small dog that drowned and has been floating in the river for quite a while. It is obviously bloated, and all the hair has slipped off the carcass.”

Unfortunately, no accurate analysis or any type of identification occurred because the Parks Department disposed of the unidentified animal. Coleman stated that the skull and further pictures would have been needed to determine just what the Brooklyn Bridge Monster was.

So does the shores of New York have their own Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster? Cryptzoologists, unlike others involved in the research and science of animals, may not be quick to jump to any conclusions, but are always looking to find new unknown and hidden animals whose existence is not totally proven. Even Coleman said, most likely, like the Montauk Monster proved to be, the Brooklyn Bridge Monster may not be anything more than a dead raccoon.

But is interesting to think about the fact that there may be animals out there that have yet to be discovered.