9 Geeky Pieces Of ASCII Art

ASCII art is a wonderful thing … it gives a new meaning to digital art.  These geeky pieces of ASCII art depict some of the greatest characters of all times, whether they be from Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lord of The Rings, or another awesome game or movie.  Feast your eyes upon these awesome artworks and be amazed by how much time people wasted to satisfy your daily geek intake.  (I am extremely hungry, so it’s safe to assume that food metaphors and sayings will be incorporated into this post.)

Dwight Schrute: The ASCII Version

ascii art dwight schrute

ascii art dwight schrute

Dwight Schrute is undoubtedly the best character on any NBC TV show, considering Michael Scott’s leave from The Office, and has the right to be converted into a geeky piece of ASCII art.  (Fortunately for Dwight, Gregory House is not on NBC – House trumps Dwight in crazy shenanigans.)

Vintage Typewriter ASCII Art

ascii art vintage

vintage ascii art

1948 is a long time ago, for sure.  This is a cool piece of vintage ASCII art that was probably very frustrating to make.  Back then, if you messed up, there was no delete button.  Your working with real ink, bro!  This stuff is hardcore!  I wonder how many pieces of paper this guy wasted before he got it right?  The world may never know.  (Reminds me of those Tootsie Pop commercials.)

ASCII Art: That Random Rabbit From Bambi

bambi rabbit ascii art

This piece of geeky ASCII art is the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen!  It’s that rabbit from Bambi!  (His name is Thumper.)  Unfortunately, I start crying whenever I see this picture because I remember Bambi’s dead mother.  Or maybe it’s these onions I’m chopping.  (Don’t judge.)

Zebra ASCII Art

geeky ascii art

ascii art geeky

What you see pictured above is not a zebra.  It is a series of random symbols, numbers, and letters which makes an object that looks very much like a zebra.  (I concede defeat – it is indeed a zebra in ASCII form.)

Futurama ASCII Art

ascii art geeky futurama

ascii art futurama

ascii art futurama geeky

ascii art futurama

ascii art futurama

ASCII art is awesome, and so are Bender, Fry, and that cool old person.  While all of this holds true, why is there so much Futurama ASCII art?  I find it puzzling that out of everything you could base a piece of ASCII art on, people choose Futurama.  Regardless, these works are still cool.

Tree Curtain ASCII Art

ascii art

ascii art

This is undoubtedly the greatest curtain of all time.  The giant tree on this curtain was made entirely from ASCII … an impressive feat.  I would have unspeakable amounts of respect for anyone who would put this curtain in their house.

ASCII Skull Tattoo

ascii art tattoo

ascii art tattoo

The ASCII skull tattoo takes the concept of “being a rebel” to a new level.  Now, it is possible to be both “scruffy” and a “geek.”  Who knew it was possible?  The guy who got this tattoo.

Homer Simpson ASCII Art

ascii art geeky

ASCII art geeky

Given, the second piece of ASCII art was probably much easier to make.  Also given, the second one is ten times cooler than the first.  Why?  One, it’s in color.  Two, all of the text is “Doh.”

Gandalf ASCII Art

ascii art geeky

This is a very professional work of ASCII art, as you can tell from the multiple layers of text and the realistic appearance.  The Gandalf ASCII art is great for Lord of The Rings fanatics and geeks in general.  (Like me.)

Jack Kieffer is a teenage gadget geek and the founder of Cool Gizmo Toys, a site dedicated to providing fun tech and toy reviews. He loves reading about unique gizmos, playing the piano, volunteering with kids who have special needs, and blogging for the Chicago Tribune.