Assault Rifle Design With Sniper Mode Takes The Military World By Storm

The A/SRH-C1 is the latest high-tech concept from Dalton/Stanley T.W.D gun manufacturers, known for their top secret hybrid weaponry research, and the 3D work and design was done by Jamie Martin.

This is the type of weapon that Matthew Reilly would drool over and curse himself for not thinking up himself. Depending on the environment, the Assault Rifle comes with ‘Assault’ and ‘Sniper’ modes. It’s basically a hybrid between a lightweight close-range Assault Rifle and a medium range Sniper Rifle, and comes with computer-guided laser triangulation capabilities built into the night scope.

assault rifle two

With the Assault Rifle’s uniquely clever guidance system you can pinpoint and lock on a target and the computer will then measure air particles by means of the invisible beams projected by the Rifle. This, combined with the view finder, is then used to calculate external factors like wind velocity and direction which will enable you to shoot more accurately; precision guaranteed.

assault rifle three

The rifle by Jamie Martin also comes with high-beam laser for sight and light, and these are mounted on the front of the Assault Rifle, as well as a rotating adjustable scope. the Rotatable Adjustable Scope is top mounted, and this will give you greater accuracy and also provides night vision capabilities. Besides this, the other features in the A/SRH-C1 also includes retractable support legs located at the front. This is to  provide stability for even greater precision, especially when you’re in the crouching or lying down position. The gun will be nestled against your shoulder for better control, but the support legs will provide the stability in the front.

assault rifle main

One of the many suggestions for this concept was that the rifle to have two settings, which will be the set length for assault barrel and sniper. With the extra barrel then hidden underneath the assault barrel, it will pop up and extend to the sniper rifle length when you pull it out to the appropriate length. It would only pop up in the sense that it will fit perfectly like a one piece barrel, and this is where the tricky design technicalities come in.

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