Spit and Decide with the Spitball Dartpad

The Spitball Dartpad is here to help you make decisions. These might not be very critical decisions but are definitely important.You work day and night. By the time you reach home you are completely drained out and definitely want rest. That is the best thing you could do. But how many times have you come across a situation where you are sitting idle, have taken enough rest, and then comes a point wherein you cannot decide what to do? Or there may be times when you get tired of making decisions and just want to sit back, relax, and shut your brains for a while. Those are really troubling times; you have all the time in the world but at a loss of ideas on how to utilize this time. What do you do then? The most common thing that a person in such a situation would resort to is: to just grab the remote and watch TV.

We have a better idea. Start using your spit to help you out. Sounds gross but can actually help. The new Spitball Dartpad is a brand new storehouse of ideas.  It is fully stocked with the many activities that you might have wanted to do but possibly have forgotten. While playing a game you can easily decide what you want to do. But how does it work ? The Dartpad is designed like any other dart board. The difference lies in the targets you are supposed to hit. Various sections of the ‘board’ have chores and activities mentioned all around it. You are supposed to hit any one of them. Mind you, you are not supposed to aim at any of them. Whichever section you hit becomes your work for the day.

A deviation from the regular darts game is the dart used in this pad. The dart is a small piece of scrunched up paper and made wet by your saliva. You are supposed to insert this wet ball of paper into a straw and blow it towards the Dartpad. The paper will go and stick to the Dartpad, and name your task. Now you are supposed to do whatever your board tells you to do.

Easy, isn’t it? You have taken a decision and not made by you. The dart does the ‘thinking’ for you and all you have to do is follow instructions. At times this is a real luxury to not have to take decisions. And if anything goes wrong you have someone else to blame, at least for your own satisfaction. The Spitball Dartpad is a collection of 40 sheets with 50 different suggestions on each page. The straw is included but you will have to scrunch your own paper with your own saliva. Sit back for a while and let the pad do the decision making. It can be owned at $9.99.

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