Same as Game: Donkey Kong Office Building

Donkey Kong was a 2-D platform game, produced by Nintendo in the early 80’s. It is still gem clear in the minds of those who were present at that time, as it was an instant hit among people of all ages, and is still a franchise that brings Nintendo lots of money (Ranked as the third most popular arcade game of all time).

You can still find dedicated fans of Donkey Kong wherein few of them decided to do something special to relive the memories of Donkey Kong. I am talking about the students of UCSC Engineering University who made a glass poster to make it look like the 2D platform in the game and they used one side of the entire building for that, so you can truly say that they made a “Donkey Kong Office Building” with a scene that makes you feel as though you are playing the game.


Now how they did this is an interesting story.

First off is the selection of the building – and choosing E2 was just perfect for the project. The next concern was: what should the poster be made of? Astonishingly, it is made up of a large number of post-it notes — to be precise, about 14,000 post-it notes. Not all of these were used though, they had to buy 14,000 post-it notes just to get the colors of the glass poster right. The total number of post-it notes that were actually used in making the glass poster were 6400. The reason of using post-it notes is to get the pixel effect that the real game had in the 80’s (because games graphics were going through its early stages at that time), to make it look as if the game have just popped out of a television screen.

After conceptualizing, they were off to work. It took 10 men about 5 hours to complete this glass poster (working at night) which took up four floors featuring Mario with the hammer on the second floor, and Donkey Kong who has captured the princess and is throwing barrels from the top floor, with blue staircase connecting one floor to another. The glass looks like a perfect snapshot of the original game – reminding us of all the great times we had when we were kids. However, to our disappointment the glass poster has long been removed. Still this picture will serve as a reminder of that and of those guys who created a beautiful work of art.

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Via: Geekstir