ASUS Zenwatch Goes on Sale Today for $199

The Taiwanese electronics and computer hardware manufacturer has just launched its Android Wear smartwatch, after having showcased it at IFA 2014 in Berlin a couple of months ago.

As far as the Android Wear line of smartwatches is concerned, Motorola’s Moto 360 was probably the most eagerly anticipated model. However, I firmly believe that the ASUS Zenwatch is the best of the bunch, not only from the perspective of its technical specs, but also because of its exquisite design. Sure, the Zenwatch is not round, but then, not all conventional timepieces are. Instead, this catches the eye with simple lines and a classy leather strap that will look excellent around any gentleman’s wrist.

It was about time smartwatches became more than accessories for athletes! ASUS’ wearable is a perfect match for elegant suits, and will most likely end up being recommended by men magazines as an accessory for formal wear. Still, this doesn’t mean that it will be easily dismissed by gadget lovers and tech enthusiasts. On the contrary, given its specs, the Zenwatch is meant to be a success among this crowd, as well.

The first retailer to feature ASUS Zenwatch is Best Buy, but seeing as this is an Android Wear device, it will soon come to Google Play Store, as well. Both stores will ask $199.99 for this wearable, on par with the other Android Wear smartwatches, except for the more expensive Moto 360.

From a marketing perspective, it’s understandable why wearable manufacturer make their devices primarily (and sometimes even exclusively) compatible with their own smartwatches and tablets. This is a measure that encourages the selling of one another, but forcing customers to also buy a specific smartphone is not always a good idea. That being said, to use the Zenwatch at its full potential, you need to have an ASUS smartphone, even though the smartwatch is also compatible with other Android devices. It’s just that using it in tandem with anything else won’t enable you to enjoy this beautiful piece of tech entirely.

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