Stop The Rebel Scum And Make ’em Dance: AT-AT iPod Dock

The Empire owes its massive strength to both the Dark Side of the Force and to technology, although it’s only the second one which will charge your iPod or iPhone.

AT-AT iPod Dock 1

Etsy seller theseoldbooks is the mastermind behind this creation: an iPod dock shaped just like the pride and joy of the empire, the AT-AT Imperial Walker units. The creator describes it as an “app-enhanced (fancy) stereo speaker that’s bursting with sound. The digital amplifier means the speaker effortlessly produces low resonance sounds, crystal-clear acoustics and thumping bass. With the addition of 6 EQ settings, FM radio and app-enhanced technology, it offers a great combination of sound and features to effortlessly fill your room with music.” The best part? He’s still making these babies, and you can get one for about $315 USD. You can thank us later!

AT-AT iPod Dock 2

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