Sci-Fi Audi Virtual Concept Car for Ender’s Game Movie

Knowing that Ender’s Game is one of the most anticipated sci-flicks of 2013, Audi prepared a futuristic concept for it, in the shape of the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

Audi is no stranger to science-fiction movies, as the cars of this German manufacturer have been featured in The Matrix Reloaded, I, Robot and the Iron Man franchise, to name just a few. There are people out there who would certainly like to see or touch this car in real life, but unfortunately for them, the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro is just a virtual concept car, at least for the moment. It certainly cost Audi less to create a virtual vehicle than to manufacture a tangible futuristic car.

Frank Rimili, Chief Designer for the film project, stated: “Designing the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro was comparable to tailoring a made-to-measure suit. We adapted it to the requirements of the world in Ender’s Game and, at the same time, ensured that we preserved our brand values. Ultimately, we were able to project our design philosophy perfectly onto the fictional world of the movie.”

Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford remain the main stars of Ender’s Game, but I have no doubt that Audi’s futuristic car will be memorable, as well. After all, it is said that the vehicle will appear in several key scenes of the movie.

Audi consulted director Gavin Hood and the production team to make sure that their virtual car would fit well in Ender’s universe. The futuristic design and the modern likes will surely help the car integrate just fine in the science-fiction film.

Florian Zitzlsperger, responsible for Brand Partnerships at Audi AG, stated: “The Audi in the movie represents progress and it appears in key scenes that have a lasting impact on the life of the protagonist. With this, our Audi becomes a part of this fictional world.”

The German luxury car manufacturer claims that the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro serves as an inspirational model for the company’s future sports car. In fact, the future Audi R8 redesigns might borrow certain elements from the Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

There are many things I envy future humans for, but in this context, it must be their perfectly leveled roads. Driving such a low-slung vehicle on roads from certain countries (such as… erm, Romania) would ruin the car within a few kilometers.

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