Need Parking Space? Fold Up Your Car

This Korean electric car concept provides hassle-free parking even in the busiest of places. It’s even easier than stowing away your bags in the luggage compartment.

The Armadillo-T may look cute and compact, but you may be surprised at the great features and advantages it has to offer.

Armadillo T Folding Car 1

Armadillo T Folding Car 2

This nifty little number is the brain child of a team of graduate school researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Associate Professor In-Soo Suh explains that they got the inspiration from the armadillo, an armor-plated mammal that can roll or fold its body to protect itself from predators; hence, the name, Armadillo-T.

The compact car can comfortably fit two persons, and measures 110 inches long in normal driving mode. As the driver and passenger step out, a push from a remote control or smart phone instantly folds the car to about 65 inches in a matter of seconds. This makes the Armadillo-T a perfect vehicle to have in busy cities where heavy traffic and lack of parking space are constant problems.

Other features of the Armadillo-T include four wheel drive, cameras in lieu of side mirrors for easy driving, the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees for stress-free parking, and a battery pack that takes only 10 minutes to juice up. On a single charge, the car can go up to 100 km, with a maximum speed of up to 60 kph. All those cool specs packed in one small and green package. Plus, the project is currently supported by the Korean government.

The question now is, when are these compact and eco-friendly cars finally making their way to a city near you? Like the Armadillo-T, energy efficient and traffic reducing vehicles such as the Hiriko Fold and Ing-Q electric vehicle are within reach. It’s only a matter of time before we give up fossil fuels and bulky automobiles and look forward to a cleaner and brighter future.