B4RM4N Smart Cocktail Shaker is the ultimate cocktail tool

Love drinks but have a hard time preparing them? You don’t have to fret over it anymore, technology comes to the rescue once again.B4RM4N

Cocktails are great, and we all enjoy them, but there’s a difference between liking and knowing how to prepare something. B4RM4N is a gadget that will attempt to ensure your cocktails are pure quality. By pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth and a companion app, B4RM4N taps into a library of cocktail and helps with preparing them every step of the way. Users need only to pour the drinks until the app changes the color of the LED on the cocktail shaker, and that’s that.

B4RM4N is currently being Kickstarted, but users can get their hands on it already for $89. Doesn’t sound bad at all, especially if you’re serious about becoming the next cocktail hero.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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