11 Back to The Future Toys You Want!

 If you’re a Back to the Future fan, you must be excited about October 21, 2015 coming up. It’s the date Doc and Marty arrive in the future, setting up the chain of events that alter the past and eventually sent both of them to 1885. It’s a day of celebration and depression because we don’t have flying car, but it’s also an excellent excuse to gear up on some extremely cool Back to the Future toys and gadgets, to make you feel more comfortable with the special day.

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

Back to The Future Toys

This thing won’t send you into the future or the past like it did in the movies, unless you have Plutonium, and even then, probably not. But it will charge two devices at once, while making you feel like you’re driving the DeLorean for a little bit. Get it for $24.99

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

Back to The Future Toys 1

Some people can’t have enough of three lines with lights going through them. If not in your car, then how about your hand? It tells the time using the Flux Capacitor lights and the date with with atime circuit LCD, making you feel like you’re looking at the DeLorean time-travel panel. Get it for $49.99

Back to the Future Lights and Sound Mark II DeLorean

Back to The Future Toys 2

A replica that’s 1/15 of the actual DeLorean time machine that comes with lights, sound effects, and fully-detailed moving parts. While it won’t get you to a different time and you won’t be able to hit 88 mph with it, just moving it around listening to the sound effects (or doing them on your own) is quite satisfying. Get it for $59.99

Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboards

Back to The Future Toys 3

The world of science still hasn’t given us the hoverboards that were promised in the film, along with a lot of other stuff. However, having this minituare hoverboard, sliding on its track thanks to magnets makes for an excellent toy or desk accessory for people who don’t want their office looking too serious. Get it for $39.99


Vinyl Idolz: Back to the Future

Back to The Future Toys 4

Marty looks a bit stunned and Doc’s eyes are all over the place like his character from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, but these vinyl Idolz are great to put on a stand to geek-out your room or living room, and probably engage in some games with your kids or friends (if you’re still into that kind of thing) by dubbing them with appropriate impersonations. Get it for $19.99

Back to the Future Pop Rides – Delorean w/Marty

Back to The Future Toys 5

Growing up, Marty McFly was who I wanted to be. So having this Funko POP! version of Marty joy-riding in the DeLorean pretty much sums up how I wished I’d be growing up. I’m not sure how good it would be to have your head stick out like that while doing the time travelling thing. We need to ask Robert Zemeckis. Get it for $24.99

Back to the Future Part II – 1:24 Delorean Scale Model Kit

Back to The Future Toys 6

Putting together a time machine in 2015? Still impossible. But putting together a scale model of the BTTF II DeLorean? Completely possible and tempting, especially for those who love to build stuff, and it doesn’t even have to come with Libyan help. This also includes the hover conversion and Mr. Fusion. Get it for $39.99

Back to the Future III DeLorean

Back to The Future Toys 7

Things sure were dusty in the old West. And the DeLorean in 1885 looks like something the army would use during a ‘Desert Storm’ operation, replacing the metallic look with a sand-golden kind of appearance and includes all the awesome sounds from the film. Get it for $59.99

Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Replica

Back to The Future Toys 8

A must for any kitchen (although it doesn’t do anything but the sound from the movie, which is good enough), this perfect replica of the Mr. Fusion gadget Doc Brown introduces to us in the film and wows Marty with his future know-how will make you feel a little bit cooler and closer to your home giving out the perfect Back to the Future vibe. Get it for $399.99

Back To The Future 1, 2, 3 Trilogy Set Delorean Time Machine

Back to The Future Toys 10

Some toys are great because they’re simple. While adults usually tend to shy away from these or simply buy/pass it on to their children, people who are huge fans of something are never too old to have or even play with something like this, and the complete set of the DeLorean time machines is something that will always be fun to look at, toy around with and pass it down to those in need of some cinematic education. Get it for $49.72


LEGO 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine Building Set

Back to The Future Toys 11

Who doesn’t love Lego? And a Back to the Future Lego? Which means tiny Doc and Marty? With a DeLorean you can build and then put them in? And for you to then drive around and make noises as you imagine them hitting the desired speed and going to a time and place where they don’t mess up the timeline? Sounds good, almost too good, but the actual characters and car-building thing exists, luckily. Get it for $102.95


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