Back to the Future’s Time Circuit Display is Real

Whether you grew up in the 80s or not, you’re probably familiar with the famous DeLorean from the movie trilogy: Back to the Future. If not, here’s a picture:


As cool as that sucker was and remains to be, it’s a shame that it’s not real—in the sense that a time travelling car isn’t quite a domestic commodity…yet. All the same, people have tried their best to recreate their own. But with flux capacitors in short demand and plutonium not exactly available in your corner drugstore, we’ll have to settle for poor imitations.

Enter stage left Adafruit’s Back to the Future time travel circuit display. It might not be the real deal, or an exact replica (due to some fancy movie-magic), but gosh darn it, it looks (sunglasses) McFly. Okay, okay, so I might need to burn at the center of time for that pun, but I mean, come on. Look at how pretty it is.


According to Hack a Day, this time circuit display tracks time by way of a ChronoDot clock, (which is mystical sounding on its own), effectively turning this puppy into an accurate time keeper. So that although you can’t actually travel forward and backwards through time on a whim, you will at least always know what time it is.

Oh and if you want to make your own—because who wouldn’t—former Hack a Day’s technology summoner Phil Burgess made a How To that you can check out here.

So whether you’re a fan of the movies, are building your own DeLorean time machine, or just late for school, this circuit might just be the answer to all of your time-related needs.

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