Game Eats: 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls

Eating one of these pizza rolls will give you a new life… on your taste buds!

1-up mushroom pizza rolls image 1

Mmm, yummy. Culinary craftiness and gaming nostalgia; two great tastes that go good together. Case in point, these tasty-looking pizza rolls in the familiar life-giving shape of 1-Up mushrooms from every Super Mario Bros. game to date.

Hard to expect these cute lil’ pastries to endow you with “extra guy” properties, being reality and all, but at least they’ll satisfy tummy if you follow Chris-Rachael Oseland’s simple recipe, which you can easily find at Kitchen

Over there you will find this recipe and other awesome treats from the Austin, Texas based freelance writer and hobbyist culinary experimenter. Heck, I’d dare call her an Alton Brown of geek-tastic themed eats and drinks.

1-up mushroom pizza rolls image 2

Now, I don’t know how much trial and error it took for Chris to stumble into this delectable fake fungi dish, but the end results look delicious. A puff pastry filled with all the goodness that is pizza, but shelled in a green mushroom that are a breeze to make.

Just grab some biscuit dough (the refrigerated kind is more than recommended), pesto to paint these fake fungi green, edible ball bearings for the eyes, circle-cut mozzarella cheese rounds, and ta-da, an adorable treat that will floor your friends.

I wonder if you could swap the pesto sauce for marinara and create a batch of power-up mushrooms instead? Ooo, now there’s an idea! Although, I pretty much wouldn’t be surprised if Chris already thought this up too – she’s a sharp one indeed.

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