Bacon Coffin: Death Is Not Sweet But Tasty

Unless you’re a swine, or have a weak heart and cholesterol, bacon was never synonymous with death. Until now.


Bacon is not only delicious and an awesome artery-clogger, it’s now the motif of you eternal place of rest. The only thing we all have in common is that we will all die, and if even in death you want to be different, this is the coffin for you. Also, it’s just delicious.

Now, this is no Photoshop, but an actual real product by J&D’s, the guys behind Bacon Salt and Baconaise (The internet loves you, guys). The awesome corpse-box thing can be yours for just $3000 price. Think of the awesome final goodbye, now. Your family will need napkins instead of tissues!

Thanks to the Obvious Winner team for the lead. There’s more bacon here at walyou, just check out How To Make a Bacon Candle and Bacon Dress: Tasty Instead of Tasteful Style.