Totally Awesome! Mumbai Apartments to Get Swimming Pool Balconies

With the warmer weather of Spring approaching in the Northern Hemisphere (but apparently not in my corner of it, the Pacific Northwest), the prospect of slipping into a pool sounds good. If the plans go through, one apartment complex in Mumbai may actually build them into the balconies.

The Daily Mail brings us the story. The Aquaria Grande has been designed by James Law, a Hong Kong-based architect, and Washawa Group, an Indian real estate firm.

Swimming Pool balcony

Each of the 200 apartments in the 37-story complex would have a small swimming pool where the balconies are. They would be nowhere near Olympic size of course, but would be big enough for soaking while you enjoy your view of a little piece of the Subcontinent. If that’s not enough, the complex would also have a three-level parking garage, a gym and a sauna.

Acquaria Grance apartment complex

Not everyone thinks the idea is so cool. Jesus Diaz, writing for Gizmodo, said it would be “a deadly accident waiting to happen.” The blog My Modern Met, however, supported it, citing the pool balconies as one of its distinguishing features.

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