Elephant Can’t Get Enough of the Samsung Galaxy Note

How smart, how intelligent are Elephants? Clever enough to semi operate a Samsung Galaxy Note apparently. Peter the Elephant looks quite excited when he manages to press the right place, in a video that looks too amazing to be true, but probably is.

Animals and Smartphones? What is the world coming to? I guess even four legged creatures and the rest of the animal kingdom needs a bit more in their lives than just treats and tricks while people are mildly amused. This new generation of pets and zoo inhabitants have been affected by everything going around them. When everyone around them takes photos with their Galaxy or iPhones, these guys want a piece of the action as well.

Some of it is sliding pictures and photos, enjoying the colors. Some of it is playing the interactive guitar with his trunk. Amazingly, this guy, Peter, actually seems to have a clue what he’s doing. Unlike my mom, who keeps pressing buttons until she yells ‘Udi! Get over here and help me! This Damn phone doesn’t work.

Peter the Elephants enjoys the music he selects, showing us his amusement by flopping his ear while his trainer/caretaker (??) probably feels pride and amazement at the same time. I guess all that stuff they say about Elephant’s memories isn’t all BS.

And if you needed more proof of this guy’s artistic talent, he actually comes up with something half understandable via ‘Draw Something’ aligning him with the rest of the First world in spending his time with useless gadgets instead of getting some exercise.