Seven Sweet Yachts for the Super Rich

    Check out seven of the most expensive vessels in the world, adorned with precious metals and other exquisite materials, that only billionaires can afford.

    Tropical Island Paradise: Living Up to Its Name

    Tropical Island Paradise, as the name suggests, has a design that resembles a tropical island. The fact that the pool looks like a lagoon was not enough for studio director Rob McPherson, who designed this yacht, so a volcano was also added. The 90-metre yacht features several floating beach islands that can be deployed, in order to enjoy the view from a lower level. Besides that, the vessel also includes several cabanas to which the eight guests inhabiting the yacht have direct access. All these guests are hosted in four VIP suites that have individual balconies.

    In terms of entertainment, Tropical Island Paradise includes a cinema and a games room. Guests who want to spend some time reading have access to the library found inside the yacht. Those who are rather interested in staying in shape have a gym and a spa at their disposal. All these features, along with the terrific design make this vessel something every billionaire would want in his or her collection.

    History Supreme: Precious Metals Hit the Current

    History Supreme is currently the most expensive yacht in the world, its value being estimated somewhere between $4.5-5 billion. The ones who are curious how an yacht can get so expensive will probably take back their question after finding out that the vessel is adorned with 100,000 of gold and platinum. At the moment, the exact ratio between these two precious metals is unknown. The eccentricity did not stop here, as the yacht also features a statue made from the bone of a T-Rex dinosaur. Meteoric stone was used for creating the wall feature from the master bedroom.

    Stuart Hughes, the designer of History Supreme, spent around 3 years to create the ultimate yacht. Measuring only 30 meters in length, this vessel is certainly overtopped by numerous other yachts, but it still holds the supremacy for the moment. Pictured above is Baia 100 Supreme, the vessel that stood at the base of History Supreme, before being decorated with gold and platinum.

    Eclipse: Go Incognito and Flaunt It

    Eclipse may as well be called the anti-paparazzi yacht, since it renders useless some of the equipment of such indiscrete journalists. It is the second most expensive yacht in the world and it measures 163.5 m in length. Some of the remarkable features include two helicopter pads, three launch boats and even a mini-submarine that can go 40 meters deep. Guests are accommodated in 24 cabins and they have two swimming pools and numerous hot tubs at their disposal. In addition, a disco hall was also built for dance parties, presumably.

    In what concerns the security, Eclipse is equipped with a missile defense system. The bridge of the yacht, as well as the master suite, feature bullet-proof glass and armor plating.  The anti-paparazzi shield is based on lasers that scan the area around the yacht in search of CCD camera sensors. When such sensors are detected, a light is flashed at the camera, so taking photographs is basically impossible.

    Dubai: After Its Namesake

    Dubai is the second longest yacht in the world, measuring only 1.5 meters less than Eclipse. It bears the name of the Emirate of Dubai, whose ruler is the owner of this vessel. In 2008, two years after the completion of the yacht, the air conditioning installation had to be replaced, in order to withstand the extreme climate conditions from the Middle East. The guests hosted on Dubai will be able to choose between many options when it comes to relaxation. There are several swimming pools, as well as hot tubs and sunbathing areas. Water sports can also be performed, on a special swimming platform.

    The highlights of Dubai, though, must be the Blackhawk landing pad, the submarine garage and the amazing spiral staircase. All such features could only be available on vessels owned by billionaires, so it should come to no surprise that this designed according to the wishes of a royal family member.

    Al Said: The Sultan’s Secret

    Al Said is the type of vessel that attracts through mystery. The Sultan of Oman, who is owner of this yacht, decided to keep the interior secret from the eyes of journalists, so until now there aren’t any photographs of what is found inside. As a conclusion, all is basically based on presumptions and speculations. Some say that there is a concert hall on the yacht that can host a 50-member orchestra.

    The vessel measures 155 meters in length and was known as Project Sunflower while under construction. In case the Sultan wants to travel faster than 28 km/h, which is the maximum speed of this vessels, he has a helipad at his disposal. As in the case of other yachts built for rulers from the Middle East, there is not much space on the outside. As the guests spend a lot of time inside, the air conditioning installation has to perform faultlessly.

    Al Mirqab: The Prime Minister’s Ride

    Al Mirqab, yet another yacht anchored in the Middle East, is not owned by a royal family member, but by the Prime Minister of Qatar. It measures 133 meters and it can easily host 60 crew members and 60 guests. Known as Project May while under construction, this vessel features some fascination suspended artwork, made by Dale Chihuly, who is a famous American glass sculptor. The staircase is another detail that the attract the looks of the guests. It is adorned with hand-cut crystal panels, fact that is really out of the ordinary.

    The aluminum superstructure of Al Mirqad contributes a lot to its speed. It can reach speeds of as much as 23 knots (42.5 km/h), which is indeed something to be proud about. Some of the more expensive yachts do not travel that fast. The yacht even received an award for the interior design in 2009.

    Lady Moura: The Floating Palace

    Lady Moura is the floating palace of a businessman from Saudi Arabia. The owner of this vessel presumably does not like sunbathing ashore and in public, since he decided to have a beach built on-board. This may sound like the coolest feature of the yacht, but it does not end here. The hydraulic platform present on Lady Moura can easily go down to a bit over the waterline. Since the platform is covered in sand, the guests will not be able to tell the difference between a normal beach and this one, unless the vessel rocks a lot. Sunbathing and swimming can be enjoyed in a different manner and in theory, it is even possible to have your own moveable beach in the middle of the ocean. With most of the most expensive yachts harbored in the Middle East, we are looking forward to seeing what billionaires from the other parts of the world will buy.