12 Amazing Batman: Death of the Family Covers

If you’ve been following the Batman comics since Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo relaunched the title, you probably know that the return of the Joker in “Death of the Family” is one of the best Batman series story-lines in quite some time.

The premise, more or less? After the Joker has his face cut off by Dollmaker in Arkham Asylum and left hanging on the wall, while the Joker disappears for quite some time. Harley Quinn, believing that the Joker is dead, gets arrested to enter Arkham and retrieves what used to be his face.

The Joker makes a return, with his face held on with a belt tied around his head. The Joker proclaims that he intends to destroy his and Batman’s new lives by killing both Harley Quinn and Batman’s various sidekicks so that he and Batman can go back to the way they were, and be the best hero and villain they can be.