10 Brilliant Batman Graffiti Artworks

Street art, mostly referring to Graffiti, is awesome, as long as it’s awesome. Well, few things are better than Batman, the Joker and more related stuff  decorating the streets of your town.

Paging Dr. Batman

Batman Graffiti

Some cities are so bad, they need a constant Bat-sign shining in the sky all the time. Too bad he doesn’t really exist, except for in Slovakia.

Robin Standing Out

Batmen Graffiti

I’m not sure what kid prefers being Robin than Batman, but there are some that find the allure of Damian Wayne and those that have come before him a bit too much to resist.

Heads or Tails

Stairway Two-Face

Too bad Christopher Nolan killed off Harvey in the second film of his Dark Knight trilogy, because they really nailed the character, at least physically, unlike the foolish depiction in the 90’s.

Split City

Split City

I think Batman stories, regardless of the medium, are at their best when they show that Batman and the Joker are two sides of the same coin, and that Bruce Wayne is just as insane as the villains he chases down.

Catwoman Has His Back

Catwoman Has his Back

I think a lot of people were worried about Catwoman being in the most recent Batman film, not to mention the castin. Not everyone agrees, but I think the character worked for most of the time.

Like a Batcave

Like a Bat Cave

I’m pretty sure that every day you have kids doing some scavenging in the area near their house, looking for a place to create their very own Bat-Cave.

When They’re Old

When they're old

We’ve already explored Superhero life during their pension period of the lives, but this graffiti is much sadder.

Pick a Card

Pick a Card

Which ever card you do choose eventually, it won’t turn out too well.

Batman From Your Nightmares

Scary Batman

I’m pretty sure a lot of stoners, getting high in the alley where this amazing piece of art is, have had nightmares about the caped crusader chasing them.

Low-Tech Graffiti

Low-Tech Graffiti

Sometimes all you need is a pen and some sunlight. For more brilliant graffiti artworks of superheroes in the streets of the world, check this out.