Batmobile iPhone 6 case is themed after the Tim Burton movies

Everything about the iPhone 6 screams “go big or go home”, especially for the Plus version, so the cases have no choice but to follow suit. See what happens once you decide to give your iPhone the Bruce Wayne treatment right below these lines.

Batmobile iPhone Case 1

What you see in these pictures is the greatest iPhone 6 case in the universe, themed after the Batmobile from the classic Tim Burton movies – it is meant only for those users who have given up on carrying their iPhones in their pockets and would rather protect what they love with the caped crusader’s theme.

Batmobile iPhone Case 2

Because this is a near perfect replica, it doesn’t come cheap. A batmobile case will set you back some $50 USD, but once you see the amount of detail, the built-in LEDs, and the projector that displays Batman’s logo on any surface, you will understand where your money is going. We’re assuming that the phone will get rather unwieldy with such a massive case, but that’s entirely the point: be as over the top as Batman himself.

Batmobile iPhone Case 3

See a few more takes and angles of this amazing case in the video below. And, if you like dubstep, you’re in for a treat.

Via Toy-People

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