Duracell & Energizer Batteries to Be Replaced by USB Gadgets

Not looking to get behind on the times, and with the decreasing need for batteries, big battery manufacturers look to expand their businesses to other technology-based ventures.

Think about the last time you went to the store to buy batteries. Kind of hard, right? I am even scratching my head at this one. The truth is that not many people are in the need for AA and AAA batteries anymore. Not many people are walking around with a CD player or tape player, and many electronics manufacturers are starting to come up with battery-free television remote controls. While it is not a bad thing that technology is advancing and eliminating the need for these batteries (which aren’t totally environmentally safe to begin with), it is putting major battery manufacturers like Duracell and Energizer on notice. But rather than bow down in defeat, these two big battery manufacturing mavens are departing from tradition and what they are known for best (batteries) and looking toward new technology ventures to remain up on the times as well as still turn a decent profit.

Duracell is looking to start selling a USB flash drive with rugged features that will survive all kinds of manhandling. (Of if you are me, shoved at the bottom of your bag.) The models will hold 16 GB and 32 GB respectively and will have a twist system rather than a cap. The body of the USB flash drive will house the connector. This feature is very good if you are someone like me who constantly loses the caps to USB sticks…constantly.

While Duracell is taking on that venture, Energizer is releasing smartphone wall chargers for customers. The Energizer Premium USB wall chargers will come in Apple and Micro USB friendly models and have a spool for the cord, so the excess wire remains out of the way.

It is going to be very interesting to watch these two battery manufacturers over the next few years to see how they try to adapt to the ever changing electronics market. While many other companies have come up with USB sticks and wall chargers, the names of these companies will undoubtedly boast the reliability and durability of their products. If Duracell and Energizer are able to pull through, they will be able to survive once the death of the battery really starts to materialize.

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