Rare Behind The Scenes Pics of The Empire Strikes Back

Episode 5 has always been our favorite movie in the series, and via this rare pictures, we can relieve some of our fondest memories of it.

These pics have surfaced not all that long ago, in the 30th anniversary tribute book titled The Making of Empire Strikes Back by J.W. Rinzler. In here, we get to see a more relaxed side of the actors playing the characters we’ve gotten to know and love throughout the series, as they just relax and have fun in between the scenes.

It’s pretty cool seeing them like this, considering how stressful it must have been to have to come up with a worthy successor to Star Wars, which by then was already sort of a cultural phenomenon. Luckily for us, they succeeded and created something fun, memorable, epic and that is a true classic by now.

The weirdest thing we noticed about these pics is that the actors loved to kiss in costumes in between breaks. Now we wonder if there’s a story behind this or is it just coincidence? We’re pretty sure no one would complain about kissing, say, Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford, but damn, kissing Vader?

Via: My Modern Met

After all is said and done, we still gotta remark our love for Star Wars. For those who’d like to hear more about the series, you can check out Star Wars’ 35th Anniversary: The Force Is Strong With This One and Star Wars & Revenue [Infographic].