Turning Bread Into Scary Gore Sculptures

If you’d walk into any bakery around the world and see too severed heads looking at you, all dead and wrapped, would you be tempted to buy and eat at that place?

Well, in Thailand, Kittiwat Unarrom, who’s a fine art student and artist, decided to blend his degree and his love for baking goods (son of a baker, grew up in a bakery, just like in the Hunger Games) and make the place a little less dull.

How? By taking bread and crafting it into sculptures of human external and internal organs – feet, hands, heads among other body part. All grotesque looking. All edible, and maybe even pretty damn good once you put it in your mouth.

Nothing happened to this kid after tasting the ‘human face’. Maybe a little cannibalstic tendencies developed in him. Nothing really serious to get freaked out about.