Star Wars & Revenue [Infographic]

Star Wars rules, and that’s no secret, but are you even aware of how much money it has made throughout the 35 years it’s existed? The first movie dates from the late 70s, and has ever since become a mediatic leviathan of a franchise that by now includes novels, comics, toys, movies, videogames and so many more things that it’d be impossible to name them all. The saga is so big and expansive, right now, that there’s almost in it for each and everyone, which we guess is part of the appeal: hardly anything is more universal than Star Wars. Nowadays is something that several generations have grown up with, and while a bunch of adults and young adults have fond memories of the 6 movies that comprise the main saga, a bunch of kids are discovering this universe for the first time. This is the perfect crowd to sell products to! Let’s analyze the profits the series has made.

Star Wars Revenue Infographic

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