6 Most Useful Gadgets to Take Camping

Going camping is about getting in touch with nature, but in our technological advanced age, there are some things we can’t do without, and these gadgets that mostly take care of our smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more of a must.

Bracketron Xolar3000 Solar Battery and Charger for USB

Solar Panel


This isn’t your multi-use gadget. The Bracketron Xolar3000 ($49.99) can charge up a phone, MP3 player or tablet thanks to three power modes: 5v/1amp for smaller devices, 5V/2amp for tablets and 9V/1amp for larger devices like a portable DVD player, or even a USB powered notebook like the HP Chromebook 11. The solar charger charges in about 9 hours of direct sunlight.

Gerber Gear Steady Tool Multi-tool and Tripod for Smartphones

Gerber Gear


The Gerber Gear Steady Tool ($64 direct or $39 from Amazon) is your modern all-in-one pocket knife that includes 12 functions that includes a blade, bottle opener and wire cutters, but also provides a camera or cell phone mount so you can get better pictures from your outdoor experience.

LifeProof Cases for Phones and Tablets



Getting your smartphone wet is one of the biggest problems of being outdoors, and the LifeProof Nuud ($89.99) case for the iPhone 5s protects from drops and water. The phone can be submerged under water and it won’t get wet, but the screen isn’t covered in plastic: There’s pressure gasket around the glass so that the screen stays uncovered.

Powerbot USB Charger



Using the power of cooking to also charge your really important stuff like tablet and smartphone? Using thermoelectric power, it converts temperature difference into electricity without any moving parts according to the website.

Pyle Audio Rocket Torch Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

Water resistant speaker


The Pyle Audio Rocket Torch PWPBT30 ($97.99 retail, but on sale for much less) is a bluetooth water resistant speaker but also a flashlight, and because of its weight (just one pound) is easy to carry around. It’s also an FM radio, a mini-SD card slot and an auxiliary input for plugging in other audio devices without Bluetooth.

ASUS S1 LED Pocket Projector

ASUS S1 LED Pocket Projector


For those who simply can’t go through their camping trip without watching a movie, there is this gadget, the ASUS S1 LED Pocket Projector is perfect, hooking up to an iPhone with a Lightning to HDMI port, or an Android phone that uses HDMI output.

The projector will throw a 41? display onto a screen at a distance of three feet, or one meter with a resolution of 854-by-480 with a battery that should last you one movie, although you’ll have a charger which well help you make it a night of binge watching if nature is too boring.

Hat Tip: Gottabemobile

Another important thing to take out camping is a hammock, so if you’re finding a hard time finding the right one for you, check out the coolest ones ever made.