Vision 32 Arcade Machine Holds 140 Classic Arcade Games

A dream machine. That’s exactly what the Vision 32 is, an arcade machine that can hold 140 arcade games and do so much more!

Dream Arcades Vision 32 image 1

Oh how it would nice to own an arcade. Possibly the dream of almost every kid growing up during the 1980s and early 1990s – I know it was dream of mine until I realized how quickly the business fell right under it and how much it would cost to run one.

Even if you were to own a private collection, then you’ve got to worry about space (arcade machines take up a lot of it) and the rest of the lousy headaches that come with owning arcade equipment. Thankfully all those headaches are, and can be, resolved by owning this Dream Arcade’s Vision 32, a machine loaded with 140 classic games all played on a beautiful 32″ high-def LCD.

Dream Machines Vision 32 image 2

You couldn’t hold that many games in a one house, but with the Vision 32 you can hold the likes of Missile Command, Joust, and tons more in the space of just one machine. The Vision 32 also runs off a Windows XP computer with a 3.0GHz Pentium 4 CPU, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and Ethernet port, making it quite easy to add more arcade titles if need be.

Plus the Vision 32 has all the necessary joysticks, buttons, and a trackball (all nicely backlit for late night gaming sessions) to play those games. It even has a hidden keyboard that can be used to turn the Vision 32 into uh, well, a computer, and do a little web browsing, Twitter checking, or music playing – yup, it does that too.

The Vision 32 can be had for $2,699 (USD), which for a short time is being discounted $500 off its regular price. Not bad for an arcade machine – an ultimate one if I did ever see – that I’m sure my 10-year-old self would dream of having.

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