21 Soul Cringing Couples Tattoos

Some people need to validate their love for one another so badly, that making out in public isn’t enough for them. They actually go and get matching tattoos and make everyone sick with their affection.

People don’t want to be reminded of others being in love, although everyone who hasn’t found it is usually searching for it. That’s why we secretly wish that anytime a couple gets a matching tattoo they’ll end up¬†separated, getting ink on their skin for nothing.

Disney Kind of Love

Bad Ass Hello Kitty

The Key to your heart

Latin Numerals as the date for something important

Arrow through the heart

All is full of love (Bjork Fans)

Showing who’s the boss in this relationship

The Matching Teddy Bear

Soul mates

Lip Love

Greatest Catch

Romeo & Juliet

Salt n Pepa

To infinity, and beyond

Matching kiss

Oh Oh

Missing piece of your heart

Who the F*&^ Gets a Toaster Tattoo?!