6 Most Useful Accessories for the PlayStation 4

Simply hooking up a PlayStation 4 to a television just doesn’t give a complete experience anymore. It is mostly because there are tons of accessories out in the market that are enticing gamers with the prospect of the perfect gaming experience. In my opinion, there are a few must-have accessories when buying a PS4 and today’s list is going to be about the 6 most useful accessories for the PlayStation 4.

You must get these accessories for an immersive experience while playing on the PS4. The bestpart? They won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Most of the accessories mentioned here are really affordable but offer top-notch quality. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the most useful accessories for the PlayStation 4.

Lvl 99 Gear PS4 Console Vertical Stand

lvl 99 gear ps4 console vertical stand

A PlayStation 4 can be quite beefy and if you’re craving for some space, then the Lvl 99 Gear PS4 vertical stand is the one you should get. Most of the television stands nowadays are compact forcing players to find alternate means to place their console. The vertical stand is perfectly designed and is easy to install so that you’re set up and ready to go in an instant. The stand also has well-located vents that prevent the overheating of the PS4. You can buy the PS4 Console vertical stand in one color, black.

TNP PS4 Controller Charge Station

You might’ve faced a similar situation when your Dual shock controller runs out of juice. It is frustrating, to say the least and if you were on an important mission or a quest, things might get ugly. To save all that irritation and anger, you can simply go get the TNP PS4 controller charge station. It allows you to charge not one, but two controllers at the same time. You can simply plug in the charge station to your PC or PS4 through the USB port and hook in the controllers.

tnp ps4 controller charge station

If you’re charging a single controller it’ll take about two hours to fully charge, and if you’re charging 2 controllers simultaneously, it’ll take about 4 hours to fully charge. A red LED indicates that the controller is charging and it will turn to blue upon fully charging the controller. The TNP PS4 Controller charge station is one of the most useful accessories for the PlayStation 4 without a doubt.

SUNKY USB External Fan

This is another accessory that can prove to be very vital in terms of the durability of your PlayStation 4. It is a well-known fact that the PS4 generates quite a bit of heat. But you can control that with the SUNKY USB external fan. It comes with a whopping 5 fans, out of which 3 are small and 2 are large. It can be easily clipped onto the rear side of the PS4 and has a USB cable to control the speeds.

sunky external usb fan

There are three different modes – normal mode for moderate gaming, turbo mode for hardcore gaming and an automatic mode which operates depending on the heat generated. This is a must-have PS4 accessory if durability is your chief concern.

VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset

versiontech g2000 stereo gaming headset

How can you get into the skin of your character without a proper headset? The VersionTech G2000 not only looks spectacular but gives an immersive experience. These over-ear headphones come with synthetic leather-wrapped cushions that cancel out background noise almost completely while being comfortable for long hours of gaming. All the controls are conveniently placed and it connects to the PS4 via a 3.5mm jack. You can also use this headset for other devices that use a 3.5mm jack as well. The braided wire is another great little addition that will allow the headset to take the occasional beating.

Nyko Data Bank

nyko data bank

This might well be the most useful accessory for the PlayStation 4. The PS4 comes with 500GB of storage. But, what if you wanted more? The Nyko Data Bank will answer all your worries regarding storage. This useful accessory for the PlayStation 4 allows expansion of storage up to 2TB. The installation procedure can be a bit tricky, but detailed instructions are provided along with the product. The Nyko Data Bank replaces the 2.5inch hard drive and lets you use 3.5inch hard drives that offer better speed. You don’t have to think twice about buying the Nyko Data Bank.

PlayStation 4 Camera

playstation 4 camera

Last, but not the least, is the PlayStation 4 camera from Sony itself. This is a very useful accessory for the PlayStation 4 as it allows users to add a picture-in-picture while doing live streams. It also has other useful features like player tracking using their evolutionary 3D depth-sensing technology and hands-free login with facial recognition and voice commands. Like with the PS4 and the controller, it comes in a matte black finish and you can buy this one for its nifty features.