11 Best Charts Deciphering Social Media

Social media is our life: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google Plus and Linkedin for some. But how does one make sense from everything being thrown at him? These charts might turn out to be really helpful.

The Importance of a Facebook Happy Birthday

Facebook Happy Birthday

The Facebook Like Ratio

The Facebook Like Ratio

The Google Plus Mystery

Google Plus

The Instagram Effect

Instagram effect

Baby Photos on Facebook

Baby Photos


The Twitter Disagreement Curve

The Twitter Curve


Linkedin Emails

Linkedin Emails


The Quality of Twitter Conversation Curve

Twitter Conversation


Instagram is about Food & Beaches

Instagram is about food

How Retweeting Works

The Secret to Retweets


To Tweet (Drunk) or not to Tweet?

All charts (and more of them) by Tom Phillips of Buzzfeed.

For a bit more check out this slightly outdated but still quite useful Social Media cheat sheet.