Best Spy Gadgets You Can Get On Amazon

If you were born in the 80’s you probably have a warm place in your heart for Inspector Gadget and can’t not say no to a nifty spy gadget.

Spy gadgets have come a very long way from those  naive 80’s days. Today you can find some really cool and totally James Bond-style gadgets (with a more modern twist) by simply hitting the search button on amazon. Well guess what, we did the hard work and searched on Amazon for the best ones you can get. By the way,  just a fun thought: They can all be used for an April Fools’ prank which is coming soon.

USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a way to conveniently record someone discreetly, this USB recorder can be a great solution. It’s super small and won’t raise any suspicion since it really is a functional USB device with a spy twist.

Hidden Spy GSM Bug Sim Card

This GSM eavesdropping device is totally James Bond style. You can secretly hide it anywhere you want and thanks to this SIM surveillance equipment you’ll be able to hear in a 10-meter radius everything that’s going on.

Spy Earpiece Earbud Device

This mini earpiece dimensions are only 2mm x 3mm, totally secret agent style. No one will see or notice that you have this in your ear. With this Spy Earpiece Earbud device, you’ll be able to hear clearly what your friend is saying on the other side of the line.

Micro Voice Disguise

If you are into spy gear or if you are looking for a fun gift this can be the one. The micro voice disguise can be a great addition to your spy gear collection: You can never know when this little guy can become handy.

Premium Spy Pen BUNDLE

When it comes to spy gear, getting an all-in-one can be super fun. You get to test stuff out and figure it out what will be best for your next mission if you choose to accept it. This premium pen spy bundle is offering so much in one little pen: A voice recorder, a camera, card reader and more.

Spy GPS Tracker

This Spy GPS Tracker is probably one of the basic things any secret agent needs. This little guy is perfect for tracking vehicles, teens, spouses, elderly persons and more. It attaches to a vehicle or belt and you can track the results in real-time over the Internet using Google Maps.

Spy Camera Security

No more he said, she said with this spy camera security hidden camera you can record voice and image and know exactly what happened.

Spy Recording Sunglasses

Feel like James bond with these recording sunglasses. Use this spy gear and be the envy of all your jealous friends. With these cool shades you can secretly record up to 100 minutes videos and snap hundreds of photos with a push of a button.

Photo Frame Hidden Camera

You don’t really need to be a secret agent to want to see what’s going on in your house. This spy frame hidden camera is all about letting you see what is no longer in your view. Capture the moment when you are away without anyone knowing what you’re up to.

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