Best Star Wars Easter Eggs

If you are reading this article these are the definitely the eggs you were looking for. With Easter fast approaching it’s a great time to dust off some  old posts and do a roundup of all of the best Star wars Easter Eggs that are out there in a Galaxy, far far away.

2016 star wars easter eggs

This year’s Egg hunt just good cooler. What a great day it can be to hunt for easter eggs and find one of these super geeky Star Wars Easter eggs in your garden. If your kids love Star Wars they will be super happy to find one of these little fellas. For some of these eggs you do need an impressive pack of skill to create but others are super simple, require minimum supplies and can be easily and quickly made in time for Easter. If you do end up making one of these geeky eggs please feel free to share with us.

Below you will find 21 super awesome Star Wars Easter Eggs! Enjoy!

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 2

These Boba Fett eggs were painted over using acrylic paint and a really small brush. Image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 6

A happy eater you shall have.  Image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 3These eggs were actually created by a temporary tattoo paper. They simply use the egg like you put those tattoos on your body and the result is stunning. image credit

BB8 easter egg star warsimage credit

This BB8 Easter Egg actually kinda look like a piece of art. The strokes of the brush can be seen on the egg and it’s like a good, quality oil painting!

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 13Chewbacca is always loveable and this cute Easter egg is super cute. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 9

This is a great collection rocking 12 different Star Wars Easter egg designs, including characters from the animated show. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 14

Another fun and creative way to add some extra kick to you Star Wars Easter eggs is introducing ears! For Yoda that is. In the case of Princess Leia, buns! image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 10

Here’s another fantastic way to pimp up your Star Wars eggs: Adding Lightsabers to them! image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 12image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 16

Only as an Easter Egg a Stormtrooper can look more menacing than Darth Vader. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 8

Chewie looks like he had a little bit too much to smoke. Leia looks petrified of something, which she would never be. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 17

Not sure that doing some more sitting on these eggs will do them any good. Who knows. Maybe two tiny, fluffy droid-chicks will hatch. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 11

Off to enslave the Galaxy, one system at a time. image creditBest Star Wars Easter Eggs 7

Darth Maul is probably one of the more awesome looking Easter Eggs ever made. And Yoda resembles some Chinese emperor more than anything else. But the best part of this collection are the slight variations on the Stormtroopers expressions. image credit

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs

Wooden Star Wars painted Easter eggs with the whole gang more or less: Luke, Yoda, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, C3PO, R2-D2, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. For more details on how you too can make these cuties visit frugalfun4boys.

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 4

Just from looking at this picture it seems that making the stormtrooper must have been easier than the others 🙂 image credit

Hand painted Star Wars easter eggs

These eggs are super chic; I love the golden C3PO image credit

A photo posted by Lani Woods (@artistlani) on


Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 1Yoda looks his age, which means this egg might be wiser than most. image source

Best Star Wars Easter Eggs 15

According to its creator this is proof that eggs don’t have to be boring. Not all of them are happy (Yoda looks pissed!), but they’re special and unique, which might be more important than anything else. image credit

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