25 Awesome Easter Eggs

Here at Walyou we just love to find awesome, nerdy holiday creations. Since Easter is just two day away, we thought it would be fun to find some geeky, funny and incredible Easter eggs designs. Below you can find 25 great Easter eggs designs … from video game Easter eggs to those inspired by movies, comics and much more. Enjoy!

Super Mario

Here you can find instructions on how to make these cool Super Mario Easter eggs.

Nintendo Easter Eggs

As long-time Nintendo lovers, we can’t wait to dig into this basket of Nintendo character inspired Easter eggs.

Futurama Eggs

Futurama rocks our world and makes us a bit scared of what the future holds at the same time. However, these Futurama Easter eggs make what’s to come just a bit cooler.

Angry Birds Easter Eggs

The iconic battle over eggs inspired these Angry Birds Easter eggs.

Star Wars Easter Eggs

R2-D2 dresses up this egg for Easter.

This Easter egg was decorated as a Stormtrooper.

These Easter egg droids are ready for your command.

Doctor Who Easter Eggs

If you love Doctor Who, why not put things from the show in your geeky Easter egg hunt, like these.

Who wouldn’t want this TARDIS Easter egg.

This Dalek Easter egg will give you some serious geek points.

Steampunk Easter Egg

Go Steampunk with this inspired Easter egg.

Lady Gaga Easter Eggs

Go Gage for these Lady Gaga Easter egg designs.

Plants vs Zombies Easter Egg

Plants vs Zombies aka the possible theme for your Easter egg hunt could be inspired by this egg design. (You dress up as zombies and place the eggs in the flowerbed and have an ‘epic battle’ over them.

Zelda Easter Eggs

These Zelda Easter eggs are a perfect addition to your geek egg hunt.

Pokemon Easter Eggs

We love these adorable Pokemon Easter eggs … including the adorable Pikachu!

Here are even more Pokemon Easter eggs for your inspiration.

Harry Potter Easter Eggs

Experience the magic of Easter with these Harry Potter Easter eggs.

World of Warcraft

These World of Warcraft eggs simply rock!

KISS Easter Eggs

We just love these KISS Easter eggs.

Halloween Easter Eggs

Love to mix holidays? Then check out these cool Halloween inspired Easter eggs.

Marvel Comics Easter Eggs

All Marvel fans will enjoy these cool Marvel Comics Easter eggs.

Batman Easter Eggs

This basket of Batman character Easter eggs represents the reasons why Batman is just awesome!

WALL-E Easter Egg

WALL-E takes Easter with this simple but amazing Easter egg design.

Xbox 360 Easter Egg

Show your XBox 360 some love with this Easter egg.

Star Trek Easter Eggs

We just can’t get enough of Star Trek … or these Easter eggs.

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Happy Easter!