URB-E The Electric Folding Scooter

While an electric scooter doesn’t go as fast as a supercar, the URB-E electric folding scooter is probably as close to one.

Electric Folding Scooter 2

Designed and assembled in Pasadena, California, with a 20 mile ranger and a top speed of 15mph (legal to ride anywhere a bicycle is), it’s engineered by Sven Etzelsberger, former lead engineer at Porsche, Saleen, and Fisker Automotive. It has a patented design which enables it to be easily and comfortably folded so it can fit on a boat, plane, car trunk, bus, train, closet, coat check or your office – practically anywhere. It weighs 35 pounds.

Electric Folding Scooter

And why did we mention supercars? Not just because of the CTO Sven Etzelsberger and his Porsche past. The URB-E scooter is scooter quality at its finest, built from 6061 aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber with a 36V lithium ion battery, 250W brushless motor, and a cross-drilled rear disc brake. Even each screw is torqued and personally initialed by our Production Manager before being shipped to customers.

This isn’t your usual scooter. There’s probably more thought and precision in this product than a lot of cars and for those who don’t compromise on quality, durability and safety, you probably won’t find a better one. It’s available for $1,699

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