15 Best Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

The greatness of the Star Wars film series has no doubt created a great number of fans and geeks worldwide. For some, it has created a hoarding frenzy of various Star Wars collectibles, why not add some more, by getting some of the best Star Wars kitchen gadgets.
These Star Wars kitchen gadgets will serve as decor to your lovely home while serving a purpose in your kitchen.
Now, Star Wars geeks can choose from a diverse collection of Star Wars kitchen gadgets online, through Amazon, and receive it right on your doorsteps. To help you out, we put together some of the best Star Wars kitchen gadgets and star wars accessories available today. Take a look at them here:

1. Darth Vader toaster

Star Wars kitchen gadget: Darth Vader toaster
Do you want your bread warm and crunchy? Take your slices of bread to the dark side by buying this Darth Vader toaster. This cool Star Wars kitchen gadget literally has a knob to the dark side (or you can choose the light side, too) at the back of Vader’s head. Funny and fascinating.

2) ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set

Star Wars kitchen accessory: R2-D2 measuring set
Just like the ever helpful and reliable droid, that is R2-D2, this Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set will definitely make your kitchen processes much easier.
Each part of this R2-D2-designed set has its purpose in the kitchen: its body is composed of four measuring cups, while its arms turn into measuring spoons. When not in use, it could also make a nice display to your kitchen.

3. Star Wars Pizza Cutter: R2-D2 and Rogue One pizza wheel with sound effects

Star Wars kitchen accessory: R2-D2 pizza cutter
Buy this R2-D2 pizza cutter to complement the measuring cup set.
Or perhaps, you’d prefer the Rogue One-inspired design of this pizza cutter.
As a bonus, both have interesting sound effects while being used. Have fun slicing your pizzas the Star Wars way!

4. ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star waffle maker

Star Wars kitchen gadget: Death Star waffle maker
While Death Star is in a different galaxy, it can be within your reach with this Death Star waffle maker. Join the dark side and create as many Death Stars as you like … and eat them!
This Star Wars kitchen gadget creates seven-inch Death Star waffles that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

5. Star Wars Death Star popcorn maker

Star Wars kitchen gadget: Death Star popcorn maker
We all know that Death Star that houses Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. Dear Star Wars geeks, you can now have your own Death Star, too! But instead of the dark side troops, it will toss out the popcorn for your snack time.
I’m sure you would love to enjoy re-watching the entire Star Wars saga while having popcorn from this Star Wars kitchen gadget. Why not get your Death Star popcorn maker to complete the Star Wars experience.

6. Star Wars R2-D2 bowls set

R2-D2 bowls set
How about enjoying your cereals or soup with these R2-D2 bowls? It comes in four, so your family and friends can join in your galactic meals.

7. Rebel Alliance Star Wars Millennium Falcon metal bottle opener

Star Wars kitchen gadget: Millennium Falcon bottle opener
If you support the light side of the Force, you may fancy adding this Millennium Falcon bottle opener to your Star Wars kitchen accessories collection.
This bottle opener, made of zinc alloy, has impressive intricate details of the Falcon, don’t you agree?

8. Star Wars droids salt and pepper shakers

Star Wars kitchen accessory: droids salt and pepper holder
Many Star Wars geeks love hoarding collectible Star Wars items for display in their homes. Are you one of them? If yes, why not bring that same idea into your kitchen?
You can start with these two droids, R2-D2 and R2Q5. But unlike your other Star Wars displays, these two droids, made from ceramic, come with the purpose of adding spice — literally, to your meals. You can bring this into your kitchen soon by buying through this link.

9. Star Wars Celebration 2019 billboard serving tray

Star Wars kitchen accessory: serving tray
Flaunt your Star Wars geekiness by serving snacks to your visitors with this Star Wars serving tray.
This Star Wars kitchen accessory preserves the Star Wars Celebration 2019 billboard design with a tempered glass top. This can also serve as a cutting board and presentation board.

10. Star Wars Deluxe Millennium Falcon waffle maker

Star Wars kitchen gadget: Millennium Falcon waffle maker
No, Han Solo will not come out of this starship. However, this Millennium Falcon can help you create yummy breakfast waffles. Mind you, this Star Wars kitchen gadget does not produce just any waffle, but a Millennium Falcon-designed waffle. Get yours now!

11. Star Wars burned wooden spoons utensil set

Star Wars kitchen accessory: wooden spoons
Regardless of which side of the Force you belong to, there’s a spoon for you in this bamboo-made Star Wars wooden spoon set.
This Star Wars wooden spoon set can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. It can serve as an added Star Wars decor into your kitchen or as a geeky approach to cooking.

12. Star Wars Death Star Circo Cheese Set with Cheese Tools

Star Wars kitchen accessory: cheese tools
This Star Wars Death Star circo cheese set would definitely serve a lot of purposes in your kitchen. The four cutting tools, together with the cutting board, will help you cut cheese in different ways. Which when not in use, the flip side of the cutting board can also serve as a beautiful decor. Look at the details of the laser-engraved Death Star design on the cover. Spectacular, right?

13. ICUP Star Wars apron

Darth Vader apron
Of course, cooking in the kitchen would be better with an apron. Much more if it’s an apron that shows your geeky side.
Dress like Darth Vader through this Star Wars apron and use the dark side of the Force in making delicious dishes.

14. Star Wars Darth Vader Oven Mitt Set

Darth Vader gloves
Complete your Darth Vader look in the kitchen by complementing your apron with this pair of oven gloves to protect you while you make your excellent dishes and pastries.

15. Star Wars Darth Vader limited collection premium leather apron

Darth Vader apron
Or you can also move it up a notch and fashionably join the dark side by getting this premium leather-made limited edition apron. This apron, which is made of waxed canvas, leather and metal hardware, definitely can make your cooking experience fancier.