Meet Beyond Ink Pen, the Ultimate Writing Tool

If you’ve always been waiting to use a writing tool that also acts as a stylus, storage drive and power bank for your iPhone, then the wait is over as the Beyond Ink pen is here and can accomplish all of those tasks and more.

Writing tools couldn’t have served a single function until the end of time, especially since they have so much potential and there are so many different aspects that can be integrated in them. Beyond Ink, the pen in question, is not only a Jack of all trades, but also a master of all, since it accomplishes many different functions better than if you’d use multiple devices with a single purpose.

First and foremost, the Beyond Ink pen can be used as a regular writing tool, so you can scribble anything you want on paper or similar materials. However, the pen’s functionality extends way beyond that, as it was created as a solution to several problems faced by engineers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. During their meet-up, they realized that they all had different needs when it came to jotting down concepts. Some of them were recording ideas on iPads and laptops, while others were big fans of pen and paper. Using storage and the need to record or exchange ideas as a common denominator, they proceeded to inventing a device that plays all of these roles, and that’s exactly how the Beyond Ink Pen was born.

There are plenty of writing tools that double as styluses, so this is definitely not the greatest selling point of this device. However, this is a welcome feature, as you’ll find plenty of moments when a stylus offers better precision than your fingers.

The Beyond Ink pen also acts as a USB drive, being capable of storing up to 16GB of data. That’s more than enough for storing documents and projects, so don’t hesitate to use it as a storage device.

On top of this all, the Beyond Ink pen also packs a 1,000mAh Panasonic battery that easily turns it into a power bank. All you need to do is connect the pen to your iPhone using the Lightning connector (a microUSB version is also available for Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry users). The capacity may not sound like much, it’s enough for 5 hours of talk time, so it could really save your life in emergency situations.

Not at last, it should be mentioned that the Beyond Ink pen is also incredibly durable, since it’s made out of high-quality stainless steel and brass, materials that not only make it very sturdy, but also provide the impression of luxury.

Typically retailing for $70, the Beyond Ink pen can be purchased within the 5 days from Walyou Deals for $49. A 30% discount shouldn’t be neglected, considering the versatility of this little gadget. All sales are final and the product is shipped for free to continental US addresses.

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