The Perfect Way To Solve Which Side of The Bed is Yours

Every couple have this argument at some point, who is inviting whose side of the bed. Some people buy “His and Her” sheets, but this clever Reddit user jonathan881 had something else in mind.

So what did he do? Simple. Take a red laser module to decide where the line separating the two halves of the bed goes.

his and her side of the bed funny

That’s done by pulling the bed away from the wall to see the other end of the box springs and moving everything. It’s not just firing up the laser and getting the answer. He had to had to ensure the head was correct also.

On the reddit thread that developed from this post people kept asking him why there’s no duvet cover. This is the answer.

So obviously, you can spend $35.95 on the laser and make it all scientific, accurate and based on actual data. But it’s much more fun getting away with crossing the border night after night and getting away with it.

The method? Be the big spoon when you both fall asleep, while slipping your legs behind his/hers. Slowly start angling your legs in a way that pushes your partner’s legs closer and closer towards a 90 degree angle. It forces them to adjust and move a bit while you conquer more territory by sleeping diagonally.

It might backfire in the middle of the night by getting hit in the face by an angry pillow, but it does work more often than not, from experience.